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Private Cooking Workshop

Perfect for Team Building, Celebrations, and Family Gatherings

Nico’s Trattoria’s Private Workshops are perfect for groups looking to bond over the art of Italian cuisine. Whether you’re planning a team building activity, celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking to level up your culinary skills, our group cooking workshops offer an unforgettable experience. This workshop will not only leave you with a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to cooking Italian food, but also with a bag full of memories, and a deeper connection to your friends, family or colleagues.

Why Nico's Trattoria

  • Expert-Led Italian Cooking Classes: Learn from seasoned chefs passionate about traditional Italian pasta making.
  • Customized Group Experiences: Whether it’s a corporate event, a family reunion, or a friends’ get-together, our workshops are tailored to meet your group’s specific needs.
  • Engaging and Fun: Embrace the joy of cooking in a relaxed and friendly  atmosphere, perfectly aligning with our motto: “Make pasta, make friends.”
  • Delicious Results: Enjoy the delicious pasta dishes you create, making your  experience not just educational but also a culinary delight.

Book Your Private Pasta Making Workshop in Amsterdam

At Nico’s Trattoria, we believe in the power of cooking to bring people together. Our  pasta making workshops are more than just a class; they’re a journey into the heart of  Italian cuisine, an opportunity to bond, and a chance to create lasting memories. 

Join us for a unique culinary adventure where “Make pasta, make friends” is not just our slogan; it’s our commitment to providing an extraordinary culinary experience.

Team Building cooking class

Improve your team collaboration and performance by joining our group cooking workshops.

These tailored workshops offer more than just culinary fun: they foster communication, problem solving, and teamwork. Guided by our skilled Italian chefs, your team will learn the secrets of timeless Italian classics, and at the same time bond over shared goals and achievements.

Reserve a Meeting Room for Your Team Building Workshop

Extend your experience by booking a meeting room and have a dedicated  space for brainstorming and team-building activities before or after the class. Improve your team’s dynamics with a hands-on pasta-making experience that’s both enriching and delicious!

Private dining

Nico’s Trattoria invites you and your group to a bespoke private dining experience, just a stone’s throw away from Isolatorweg station in Amsterdam. Our cozy venue, a community-based workspace by day, transforms into an intimate dining setting at night, offering a perfect gathering space for 20 to 60 people.

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, our private dinners are perfect for any  occasion, from family gatherings to corporate events. 

Exclusive Four-Course Italian Feast 

Surprise your guests with an exclusive menu that blends traditional Italian classics with contemporary culinary techniques, each dish thoughtfully prepared to ensure a  memorable dining journey. The price is €45 per person, exclusive of beverages.

Beverage Packages

Complete your dining experience with our all-inclusive beverage package for just €20  per person. It’s the perfect complement to your meal, allowing you and your guests to  toast to the occasion without a care.

Your Ideal Venue for Group Dinners in Amsterdam

Our location offers the perfect combination of professional service in a cozy, inviting  atmosphere. Just a 4-minute walk from Isolatorweg station, our space is ideally suited  for those seeking a distinctive private dining experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

Book Your Amsterdam Group Dining Experience Today

Ready to host an unforgettable dining event in Amsterdam? Contact us to discuss your  requirements.

€75 / per person

unforgettable experience

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