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Cooking Workshop Voucher

Gift Voucher for a cooking experience

Hey there, are you looking to give something special and out of the box? How about a taste of Italy? Nico’s Trattoria cooking workshop vouchers are not just gifts, they’re an entry ticket to the world of authentic Italian flavors and fun kitchen adventures. 

Why You'll Love Our Workshops

  • Genuine Italian Vibes: Nico’s Trattoria’s workshops aren’t just about recipes; they’re about diving spoon-first into the rich and vibrant world of Italian cooking. Your loved ones will learn, laugh, and eat – what’s not to love?
  • Hands-On Fun: We believe in getting your hands dirty (in the most delicious way possible). Our workshops are super interactive, ensuring a good time while picking up some serious culinary skills.
  • Experience Over Things: This isn’t just another item that’ll gather dust. It’s an experience, a story to tell, and a skill up your sleeve. Perfect for that friend who  values experiences over things.
  • Choose When to Go: The best part? Our cooking workshop voucher fits into anyone’s schedule. You can choose the workshop that intrigues you the most and book in whenever it works for you.

Buying a Voucher

Easy as pie! Pick the workshop, opt for a voucher, and you’re all set. Also ideal for those last-minute gifts you almost forgot to buy. So, are you ready to give a slice of Italian culinary dreams? Let’s make some delicious memories!

€75 / per voucher


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